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Stranded on a deserted, tropical island in the Seychelles with photographer Salvatore Di Ciaccio is Playboy Ukraine’s Anna Grigorenko. Making the best of a bad situation, the dark-haired Ukrainian from Sevastopol unzipped in her white and black swimsuit and dipped her busty body into the turquoise sea water. “This is my idea of a perfect location—I love the idea of tropical islands like Fiji,” says Anna who now calls Rome, Italy home. “It’s so romantic. I would love to walk along the beach with a handsome man with a great sense of humor like Jim Carrey.” Providing her body a moment of relief from the hot, tropical sun, the sexy, hazel-eyed model pours water from a large seashell over her breasts before using it to cover her most private area which she says is reserved for men who truly love her. Show international model Anna Grigorenko how much you adore her, right here on Playboy.