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Cybergirl Candace Leilani is back and hotter than ever in this outdoor set from photographer Holly Randall. Last we saw Candace, she’d taken us to a winter wonderland, so this time around, we thought a shoot in sunny California, complete with a crop top and short shorts, would be a good idea. “I’m very laid back, which makes me stand out from other women in SoCal,” says Candace. “In a guy, I don’t look for someone macho—I look for someone honest and trustworthy, who’ll really be my other half.” If you’re lucky enough to get lucky with Candace, you’re in for a real treat—she’s that special kind of dream girl who values family and downtime, but is not afraid to have fun. “The craziest place I’ve ever had sex would be on the side of my house,” she giggles. “It was in the middle of the day, right where all the neighbors could see!” Head outside with the sexy Candace Leilani, right here on Playboy Plus.

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