Cybergirl of the Year Gia Ramey-Gay is effortlessly sexy in this set from photographer Holly Randall. An incredible natural beauty, Gia looks good in just about anything she wears, but she’s damn near irresistible in a dress. “What I wear depends on the occasion,” she explains. “On a casual date, I might wear shorts and a crop top—but if we were going out, I would wear a sexy dress!” When it comes to romance, Gia loves trying new things and meeting new people. Her motto is to say ‘yes’ to everything at least once. “I can’t speak for all women, but I like a guy who’s passionate, and notices all the little things,” she hints. “If you can remember the little things I tell you, that’s impressive to me.” To drop a few more hints, Gia loves to go salsa dancing, and her idea of a romantic trip is a weekend in a cozy cabin. Get passionate with our Cybergirl of the Year 2016 Gia Ramey-Gay, right here on Playboy Plus.