This Mash-Up Monday, we’re headed to sunny southern California to check out the hottest girls with the hottest tans. First up, blonde beauty Whitney Whitekirk kicks back outdoors, exposing her generous breasts for a nice, even tan. Shelby Nicole’s caramel-colored complexion sets off her blue eyes very nicely, not to mention all fire alarms in a ten-mile radius. Joyce Jones hangs off the balcony for an extreme tanning session, and platinum-haired Ingrid De is just the right shade of California babe. Last but not least, a deeply-tanned Leia Christiana lays out by the pool, just begging the sun to come and kiss her smooth skin. If you love your girls with year-round tans, look no further—this one’s just for you. Check out volume one of Playboy’s Sun-Kissed Beauties, right here on Playboy Plus.

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