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Melissa Lori is your Cybergirl of the Month, and she’s upping the ante with this set from photographer Holly Randall. If you thought Melissa’s last pictorial was hot, wait until you get a load of this one—let’s just say that this flexible little lady’s talents are on full display, and her sex appeal is totally undeniable. “This look was my favorite,” gushes Melissa, who’s a former gymnast. “We shot in one of the bedrooms, and I got to show off my flexibility for everyone. I love my fans more than anything, so I try to connect whenever possible.” In the bedroom, Melissa loves candles and lingerie, but besides that, she believes you don’t need much to have a romantic evening. “Romance can be very simple, but most people complicate it,” she says, shaking her head good-naturedly. “Put on some good music, get the conversation flowing and then it’s all about foreplay. Trust me, women love that!” Live in the moment and love on the wonderful Melissa Lori, right here on Playboy Plus.