Ashleigh McAuliffe in Table Manners
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Ashleigh McAuliffe has some very interesting table manners in this hot set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. A health and fitness nut, Ashleigh is most often found in a sports bra and tight-fitting shorts, but she loves getting all dressed up as much as the next girl. “I used to be pretty shy, but now I’m more into having fun, socializing and going to parties,” says Ashley. “I love a wild night out with lots of cocktails!” Slipping out of her clothes, Ashleigh climbs up on the table, more than ready to show you what she’s got. Before you know it, she’s got nothing on but a pair of heels, and those leave very, very little to the imagination. “My biggest turn-on is a sense of control,” says Ashleigh suggestively. “I think every girl has an inner Fifty Shades fantasy!” Fantasize about the sizzling hot Ashleigh McAuliffe, right here on Playboy Plus. Watch the HD Video