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Dorothy Grant in Gardening Pleasures
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Dorothy Grant graduates to Cybergirl with this gorgeous set from photographer Justin Price. Spilling out of a crop top and short shorts, Dorothy decides to head to the yard for a little gardening. It’s a hot day in Florida, and she just can’t resist stripping down and dousing herself with the garden hose. “You could say that I’m outgoing,” says Dorothy. “Growing up in Buffalo, New York, I found all kinds of ways to occupy myself. I went snowboarding, bar-hopping on snowmobiles, and even skinny-dipped in the hot tub at the ski lodge.” Nothing if not resourceful, Dorothy makes the very, very best of her surroundings—against all that tropical greenery, Miss Grant looks beautiful, natural and wonderfully at home. “I think I have a very feminine body,” she says. “I really love my curves, because they make me feel like a woman.” Damn, we’re feeling the beautiful Dorothy Grant, right here on Playboy Plus. Get your Playboy membership