Starring:Stacey Poole

Added: Wednesday June 17, 2015

Time for more great HD video BEFORE the photo set comes out!

See, we told you all we were going to keep you all on your toes, didn’t we?

Never fear, we definitely have photos on the way from this terrific new shoot, but in the meantime here we have another simply stellar new HD video entry from a simply stellar lady, the lovely and stunningly spectacular 34G Stacey Poole… who is IN a pool!

Yes, you cannot have a sexy and supremely busty glamour babe who’s name is “Poole” and not put her in an actual pool, especially when she has incredible big tits like these and fills out a bathing suit/bikini as well as Stacey does.

We’ll just let you check out the screen shots and the trailer and you can figure it out from there. 😉

Onward to Friday!