Cybergirl Tasha Banks leads us willingly into temptation with this bedroom set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Dark-haired Tasha wears nothing but a bra and panties, all the better to show off her beautiful body with. “I used to be such a wallflower,” admits Tasha. “Since I’ve started modeling, I’ve definitely gained an outgoing personality! To me, Playboy models are the epitome of fun, beauty and confidence.


I’m really honored to be a part of that!” Slipping out of her lingerie, Tasha spreads herself out on the bed, more than ready to show you everything she’s got. “I love my eyes, because they’re so blue they’re almost green,” she says. “I’ve also been told that I have a great rack! I thought this lingerie looked pretty good on me!” Rack it up with Cybergirl Tasha Banks, right here on Playboy Plus.